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Friday, November 9, 2018

Charlotte Mason Journal

  • Table of Contents: Table of Contents (numbers are page #s) 
  • 1. Cover (even our cover has living ideas! 
  • 2. Each Helps All (the proper spirit for C.M. Educators, found in a previously unplublished L'Umile Pianta) 
  • 3. lack of handcrafting experience hurting medical students 
  • 4. Our Children's Play- a PR article
  •  7. Team Sports vs Free Play ~ Charlotte Mason 8. Raising Children with Grit, a PR article 
  • 12. Sample Cooking Lesson from a House of Education student 
  • 13. Imagination in Childhood, a newly republished PR article, available in easily readable format for the first time in a hundred years 
  • 17. Two Christmas Crafts 
  • 18. Three Quick Takes: Sensory Play, 'Things of Education,' Character Training in Home Life 
  • 19. The Principles Behind Handiwork, excerpted from a PR article
  •  20. A Philosophy of Handicrafts, 
  •  21. Craft: Candle Decorating 
  • 22. The Value of 'I Don't Know' in Nature Study, Comstock 
  • 23. Sloyd, Training for Life, from an 1890 Teacher's Guild Presentation
  •  24. Benefits of Nature Study, 
  •  25. Why Children Need Outside Play 
  • 27. Craft: Pre-basket weaving (make a frame) 
  • 28. Why We Draw, from a PR article by W. G. Collingwood, 
  •  28. Fish & Flowers in a Homeschool Room, from a PR article 
  • 29. Rainy Afternoon Activities, PR article 
  • 30. In Conclusion (application of a fantastic passage from vol. 6) 

  • Helpful and inspiring quotes sprinkled on every page

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